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13 Jul

Internet Marketing Why SEO Is So Important

Posted in Internet on 13.07.16

Internet marketing and escort SEO go hand in hand if you want to see true success online. Search engine optimisation is a very important part of your success, but most people do not think about it. There are many reasons search engine optimisation is important. Today, we will look at why it is so important to your success.

Getting ranked high in the search engines is very important. Having your website search engine friendly means you will have a better chance of being ranked highly. When most people search for something they rarely go past the first two search engine pages. In fact, most just look at the first page results only. This is why you want to make sure your website is optimized for the best possible ranking. Search engine traffic is more important than ever before and a high ranking will draw more eyes to your website.

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01 Feb

Winning and the future

Posted in Relationships on 01.02.16

I am single and have worked a full time job for several years. The pay is not the greatest but I am a loyal employee and enjoy my co-workers presence. A couple of my buddies got me hooked on a beautiful Nottingham escorts companion. I will pay just about anything to hang out with her as much as possible.

My main goal is to get her out of the business and try to make her mine and mine only! It will take a lot of hard work but I think that I can really pull this off. She has had relationships in the past and she was still was working her job. I don’t think that I would be ok with that.

We will see what the future holds between both of us but I am going to try my hardest to win her heart over!

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06 Jan

All My Good Qualities

Posted in Lifestyle on 06.01.16

It is ridiculous how many people are having gay fuck buddy sex now a days! The only reason I came to this conclusion is because like six of my friends admitted to it and I have busted family members doing it to. I just don’t think I could ever bring myself to do it, I would rather have physical contact. Even the thought of doing it embarrasses me. I have to say I have been asked before by some of my past boyfriends, but I declined respectfully every time. I know you should always try things before you talk bad about it but I really do not see myself liking it at all. I am a shy girl who does not disgustingly throw herself on men. I like to get to know someone and let them see my good qualities before bringing them to the bedroom.

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27 Oct

Shopping Discounts

Posted in Humour on 27.10.15

I always look good for work when I go out on a date as a Nottingham escort agency companion because I have a couple favorite stores that I like to shop at online. First of all when I was introduced to Aeropostale, I feel in love with their summer clothes right away. I get coupons in the mail weekly and get exclusive offers because I spend so much money at their store. Most of the time they will also offer me free 3 day delivery if I order right online.

Zale’s jewelry is anther great place that I will pick up necklaces, bracelets, rings and fun fashion accessories for all occasions! My mailman is always bringing me a package of something to my door almost every single day! I always look good and I have a closet full of clothes that I pay barely anything for because of all the discounts that I get.

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31 Jul

It’s a New Year, so Why Not?

Posted in Lifestyle on 31.07.15

It’s a new year and a new year should bring a new slate. A new slate means a new beginning. My last child has moved out of the house and my longtime partner, my husband has been passed away for 5 years now, so it truly is a new beginning. I have mulled it over with my closest friends over the last few months trying to decide if this would be the best path to take and now with the new year, I have to decide why not? Why not take a chance and why not take life by the reigns and live for myself again?

Fuck buddy girls is not taboo and it is not frowned upon. Adults, after caring for their families, should have the opportunity to live for themselves once the nest has become empty, so here I go and I can say that I am looking forward to a new chapter.

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16 Jan

Spare Me The Humiliation

Posted in Happiness on 16.01.15

The world I know is not exactly kind to any man. Every woman today seems to want something more and not anything less. So men like me who are blue collar and a little on sloppy side, do not tend to get a lot of women. Lately I’ve just decided to do the whole local fuck thing and for get about relationships. They never really work out anyways. Every one I have ever been in has either ended badly or very quickly due to my lack of willingness. I am not quite ready to change my ways or train of thought just yet, so I think I will just stay away from any and all women that are looking for more than just a one night stand. It will save me the humiliation and sadness of another ruined relationship/marriage.

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30 Nov

Fun Times

Posted in Humour on 30.11.14

I am in my mid twenties and I love to hang out at the bar on the weekends. Usually, I stay local and close to my home because I know all of the regulars there. I like to shoot pool, play darts, sit and play the video games and get out on the dance floor at the end of the night.

There are a couple of guys that wanna fuck me and bug me every time that I see them. I went to high school with them and never gave them the time of day. Now they are grown men and actually are looking pretty good these days.

I do have their phone numbers and call them once in a while to hang out. My goal is to stay single and not have a relationship. I have a really great job making great money and some of these guys can barely even hold a job, but are a FUN time to spend time with.

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26 Sep

Affordable Entertainment For Grad Students

Posted in Internet on 26.09.14

As a graduate student at a major university, I live on a pretty limited budget. Luckily, the school provides housing for a bunch of us, so I have people around in a similar situation. Because we have similar budgets and schedules, we tend to spend a lot of time together.

Part of that time is spent eating, and we do a lot of that–dinner parties and picnics and the occasional pot-luck. More of it is spent sharing the strange and amusing things we find on the internet. One of those, odd though it might sound, is free porn.

There is a lot of it on the internet, you see, and it fits the budget. When we find good ones, we keep them to ourselves, but when we find a bad one, there’s nothing to do but share. If nothing else, it’s good for a few cheap laughs.

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